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Extremely well organized resource, stimulates the imagination, and students’ curiosity… a practical resource for directing teachers how to present various issues in the geography field. The vast majority of states have incorporated parts or all of the 18 geography standards into their state standards. Geography for Life has sold nearly 100,000 copies and textbooks have incorporated the standards into lesson plans and exercises. Excellent resource for home-schoolers. Originally $20.00 now $3.75 each. Paperback 7x10" 272 pages.
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Geography for Life: National Geography Standards  

These standards help students to see, understand, and appreciate the web of relationships between people, places, and environments. The goal is to let students to see geography in the world that is nearby and around the corner; to see geography in the world at large, the global economy and global environment. This document was published by the National Geographic Society in order to create a generation of students who are geographically informed. The standards were published in 1994 and are about to be updated in the summer/fall of 2012. The updates reflect the technology advances of the last 18 years. You can obtain the newest version from the National Council for Geographic Education.  But educators in low-tech environments will find this original publication as valuable today as when it was first published.

Authors: Richard Boehm and Sarah Bednarz

Paperback: 272 pages, approx 10"x7"
Publisher: Natl Geographic Society
ISBN-13: 978-0792227755

A fabulous resource for teachers (and advanced students) who want to understand the why and how of Geographic Education.

Original price $20.00. Sale price $3.75 each


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