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Provides valuable resources for identifying (and correcting) pre-existing fallacies and stereotypes held by students. Also a great self-study tool for individuals who want to better understand the Islamic world. Loaded with activities, exercises, pre-tests. Appropriate for elementary, middle, or high school social studies courses, as well as college-level survey courses. International customers - refer to drop-down menu for shipping options. Originally published by NCGE for $20. Sale Price = $7.00. Paperback 8.5x11" 128 pages.
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Teaching About the Islamic World  

1. Many of the world's Muslims live in states that were imposed upon them. Identities and ties to states tend to be stronger where the modern nation-state is based on long-standing tribal/ethnic identity.
2. Very infrequently is mention made in traditional textboooks that throughout the course of human history Muslims have acepted  both Jews and Christians as other people of the book, offering them status as riends following the same God, though with clear differences.
3. Kurds are widely recognized as the largest ethnic group in the world without an independent state (between 20-25 million).
Plus annotated lists of fiction (and non-fiction) trade books about the Middle East
Teaching about the Islamic World edited by Barry D. Mowell is an extremely useful resource book for K-12 school teachers who want to teach about Islam and geography at the same time. The selected papers are a practical, factually-based approach to teaching about this subject with a minimal amount of political correctness. For instance, there are some topics that provide insightful introductions to the Islamic world for the non specialist. I would strongly recommend the chapter entitled “Challenging the ‘Global’ representation of Islam” as a good place to start in this regard. Aside from some well-worn critiques of Orientalists" the book is an important addition to the library of any non-specialist who wants to treat this topic seriously with depth. I highly recommend this easy read.
           Prof Jimmy Jones
           Chair-World Religions, Manhattanville College
           Coordinator- Center for Middle East Understanding
"I have been fortunate enough to travel in Islamic countries and feel that the information we receive in the U.S. about those places in the world needs to be expanded. I was delighted to see the book Teaching About the Islamic World for sale at ODT. I ordered several copies (at $7.00 apiece that was easy to do!) and I have given them to social studies teachers at our local schools. I believe they will find it a very useful tool in teaching their students about the multifaceted World of Islam."
                           Susan G. from Georgia

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