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Provides valuable resources for identifying (and correcting) pre-existing fallacies and stereotypes held by students. Also a great self-study tool for individuals who want to better understand the Islamic world. Loaded with activities, exercises, pre-tests. Appropriate for elementary, middle, or high school social studies courses, as well as college-level survey courses. International customers - refer to drop-down menu for shipping options. Originally published by NCGE for $20. Sale Price = $7.00. Paperback 8.5x11" 128 pages.
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Teaching About the Islamic World  

Pretest for Teaching About Water in the Middle East and North Africa
Lesson Plan (and Pretest) for Teaching About Women in the Islamic World
Pretest on Common Misperceptions about Islamic Women
Regional Case Studies
Lesson Plan: Connecting political and gender geography of Afghanistan
Lesson Plans for Teaching about water in Pakistan
Four activities for Elementary-age Children
Cooperative Learning Strategies for Stereotypes about Islam
Word Association Activities
Table of Women's Suffrage and Prominence in Government (Arabian Peninsula)
Figures of Tribal Locations
Spatial Distributions of Ethnic Groups
Table of Language Families by Ethnic Groups
Table of Demographic Statistics for North African and Southwest Asian Countries
Table of Diversity of Women in the Islamic World
Table of Dependence on Irrigated Agriculture
Table of Muslim Populations by Country
and many more...

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