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The view of earth from 23,000 miles out in space as the Apollo flight coasted to the moon, December 1972. A remarkable image of our home that never fails to both delight and touch us at our very core. As the creator of EarthSeals, Paul Hoffman says, '' Words divide. Pictures unite.''

  • One hundred 1.125'' Africa & Antarctica
  • One hundred 2'' Eastern Hemisphere

Combo Pack includes 100 of each - 200 stickers total

NOTE: Western Hemisphere 3” stickers pictured at left are not available from ODT at this time
But you can order them directly from Paul Hoffman at his web site

Price:  $21.00

Earth Stickers Combo  

Send a stamped self-addressed #10 envelope to ODT, and we’ll be happy to send you a few earth stickers from earlier versions or from damaged samples.

Mail to: ODT, PO Box 134, Amherst MA 01004

International customers, please be sure to apply sufficient postage for 1 oz. First class mail

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