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The Standard Custom Map Option for $199:
Our web site offers the following standard option for an electronic file: Your city at the center of the map.  Image sized at 300 DPI for 8 x 8. Names on all oceans, up to five countries, and up to ten cities. Concentric circles (if desired) with distances in miles or kilometers. Graticule if desired. Image provided as a PDF or editable file, per your specifications. ODT retains the copyright, and the $199 price includes permission to reproduce up to 1,000 copies of the map. Add-on pricing at one cent per map. Email us with your specifications and we can provide a finished image within 10 days.

TO GET A PRICE QUOTE for a custom map:
The price of your map will depend upon the size of your map and the required detail.

Obviously, cost increases with detail. As soon as you know, please forward to ODT your map specifications. After we have these preliminary details, we may ask you to be more specific as the process unfolds in developing a fixed price quotation for your project.

What is your budget? For the simplest maps at 3"-5" in size, the cost of cartography will be between $250 and $500

For maps 36" - 45" across, the cost with significant map detail will be $1,200 - $1,800.

If you have a limited budget, let us know what that is, and we will plan the map size and detail according to that.

The production cost of the first map on a press run of several thousand is enormously expensive. The cost of generating printing plates and color separations is several thousand dollars. Do you need just a few maps? Would you consider ordering more if the add-on price were really cheap? 

If you need only one to five maps, then Print-on-demand (one-off printing) technology (called POD) is making rapid advances in 2005, and the price for a single map printed is about $100-250. But there are no economies of scale. The cost per map is the same no matter how many you do. If you need several hundred maps, then POD is not cost effective. A press run could generate several thousand maps for the same price as one hundred by POD.

ODT will retain copyright on all maps produced. In order to provide you with an image at the lowest possible cost, we will license the map to you for certain applications for a 1-2 year period. The less comprehensive the use, the lower the cost. The lower the resolution required, the lower the cost.

Cost Summary:  Factors effecting costs

3-6 month time frame Need the map within 45 days
Smaller map Larger map
Less detail More detail
Low image resolution High image resolution
Licensed for 1-2 years Licensed in perpetuity
All land one color or Each country colored
Color by continent differently
No country borders Detailed borders
PowerPoint files Wall maps
Print runs over 2,000 Limited copies reduce the price per map

NOTE: We generally use country names ONLY where they can easily inserted into the available space.

(in order of complexity)

Check as many as apply.
For 8.5" x 11" paper only
Larger format
If Larger format, specify optimum size

TIMELINE for your project:

How soon do you need the finished map?

Please provide a possible timetable for this:

Draft copies by

Final Version by

Is this flexible?

Describe the Project

Are names required for countries?

How many named cities: capitals, global cities, regional centers (where space permits)? Are rivers, and mountain ranges displayed only, or are they to be named?

Same questions for lakes/seas?

states and provinces?

Obviously, level of possible detail will be a function of map size.

Do you want the level of detail to determine the size?

Or do you have a need for a specific size?

If YES, this may limit the map content.

What are your needs for DPI?  DPI at size.

Do you want an equal-area map?

Are there any properties (or shapes) that you prefer?

Do you require any special features not listed above?



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